Staying Focused in Your Business

It’s very difficult as a business owner to stay focused when wearing so many different hats. It’s even hard to know what to focus on sometimes when there can be so many distractions…and regrettably, these “distractions” can be arguably very worthwhile as we are trying to scale our business.

Here are a few thoughts to consider when thinking about your ‘focus’ as a business owner:

Know your ‘plan’ and stay focused on the long-term strategy. It is really easy to get distracted with short-term solutions, short-term problems, and short-term profit motives. Remember, you are in this business for the long run and if you don’t look up once and a while and keep your end goals and 10-year plan in mind, you’ll quickly find yourself lost.

Make a list of the distractions that take you away from your business. Be honest with yourself and list what really holds you back. Maybe it’s just one or two things, or it could be four or five. However long the list may be, identify your weaknesses and establish routines and best practices to avoid the triggers or temptations that lead you to get distracted.

Share your plan with your Board. When you regularly talk openly with others that are coaching and advising you, it becomes quickly obvious what you should be focused on. Sometimes when we are alone and stuck in the trees, just opening up to a 3rd party can help us regain our focus and bearings to get back on track.

Don’t give up. We all are faced with these same challenges. You’re not alone!