Powerful, Layered Security Services

With cyberattacks like phishing, malvertising, drive-by-downloads, and ransomware threatening businesses at every turn, you need a layered security solution to stay protected. As an authorized Avast Business partner, we provide antivirus, content filtering, cloud backup, email security services, and real-time threat monitoring.

Antivirus Service

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus provides enterprise-grade protection that keeps your devices, data, and employees safe from the latest cyberthreats. Backed by the world’s largest threat detection network, Avast Business’ network of 400 million+ active users continually feed data into the immense cloud-based machine-learning engine, which helps us quickly identify and destroy threats.

Content Filtering Service

Content Filtering is a flexible and highly effective way to boost productivity and increase security by controlling your employees’ internet usage. We can provide comprehensive reports on your users’ web activities and set up the appropriate web usage policies that limit the types of websites they can visit and the duration of those visits.

Backup and Recovery Service

Backup and Recovery ensures all your data is protected and available in the event of a disaster. It provides a secure and automated backup for devices, SQL servers, Microsoft Exchange servers, and file servers. We offer both online backup and onsite bare-metal backup for quick and easy recovery.

Email Security Services

Our pay-as-you-go email security services integrate seamlessly with any email infrastructure and include antispam, email archiving, and encrypted email services that stop spam and secure incoming and outgoing email.

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