Can I Steal Your Computer?

So what’s it going to be? Can I have it? Can I?

Hey, at least I’m asking nicely. Unlike the ransomware attackers that simply take your important files and lock them away. Which is pretty much the same as someone walking into your business and taking your computer out the door with them. If that doesn’t bother you then no need to read any further.

How to protect your business against ransomware

The first step in protection is an antivirus that monitors your computer for threats in real time. At Joker Business Solutions we deploy Avast across our clients’ platforms.  Using real-time intelligence from over 435 million Avast users, they prevent more than 66 million threats every day. Wow!

Avast is a complete online protection utility that safeguards your privacy, protects your devices, and keeps them running smoothly with a range of privacy, security, and performance products.

  • Easily safeguard your online privacy and protect your personal information
  • Secure your devices against viruses and other malware, hackers, phishing, and more
  • Keep your computer, phones, and tablets clutter-free and running like new

What if ransomware locks my files?

Better have a backup! We approach security and protection from multiple angles. One of the key elements is to have a disaster recovery plan that includes an offsite backup solution. We deploy Backblaze across all endpoints that we manage to ensure there is always a reliable backup in place.   Storing and using data shouldn’t be hard. Our solution manages complexity so you can focus on what’s important.